Cruelty-free and/or low-cost dupes [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Los clones con * son los añadidos recientemente.Dupes with * are the most recently added.


ARMANI Eyes To Kill #09 - MAKEUP GEEK Moondust (picture)
ANASTASIA Emerald (Amrezy Palette) - FYRINNAE Boot Season (picture)
ANASTASIA Topaz (Amrezy Palette) - TOO FACED Buttered Rum (picture)
ANASTASIA Vanilla (Amrezy Palette) - TOO FACED White Chocolate (picture)
BENEFIT It's Complicated - NARS Nepal (picture)
BENEFIT Low Profile - WET N' WILD Greed Palette (picture)
BOBBI BROWN Rich Bronze - NARS Bali (video)
CHANEL Charming #3 - NARS Fez (picture)
DIOR Lilas Mitzah - THE BALM Surfari (picture)
DIOR Meteore 661 - ANASTASIA Glisten (Amrezy Palette) (picture)
DIOR Night Golds #3 - NARS Mekong (picture)
GIORGIO ARMANI Eyes to Kill #1 - THE BALM Righteous (picture)
GUERLAIN Roosy Boop - NARS Vanessa (picture)
INGLOT 397 - WET N' WILD Walking On Eggshells (picture)
LANCOME Colour Du Jour - MAKEUP GEEK Last Dance (picture)
LAURA MERCIER Bamboo - MAKEUP GEEK Homecoming (picture)
LAURA MERCIER Espresso Bean - THE BALM Sleek (NudeTude Palette) (picture)
LAURA MERCIER Plum Smoke - MAKEUP GEEK Unexpected (picture)
LAURA MERCIER Primrose - MAKEUP GEEK Cinderella (picture)
LORAC Champagne - URBAN DECAY Dust (Naked 3 palette) (picture)
LORAC Mega Pro in Merlot - MAKEUP GEEK Burlesque (picture)
MAC A Glimmer Gold #3 - URBAN DECAY Half Baked (picture)
MAC All That Glitters - BARRY M (Dazzle Dust) Tan 39 (picture)
MAC All That Glitters - WET N' WILD left Eyelid from the Comfort Zone Palette (picture) (picture)
MAC Amber Lights - LORAC Mega Pro in Copper (picture)
MAC Appricot Blend #2 - MAKEUP GEEK Cocoa Bear (picture)
MAC Malt - PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA Quartz Quartet Quad (video)
MAC Beauty Marked - NARS Night Fever (picture)
MAC Beauty Marked - URBAN DECAY Blackheart (Naked 3 Palette) (picture)
MAC Beauty Marked - WET N' WILD Lust Palette (picture)
MAC Beauty Marked - WET N' WILD Sunburned Palette (video)
MAC Black Tied- INGLOT AMC65 (picture)
MAC Black Tied- WET N' WILD Petal Pusher Palette (picture)
MAC Blanc Type - PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA Classic Nudes Quad (video)
MAC Blanc Type - WET N' WILD Vanity Palette (picture)
MAC Brown Script - MAKEUP GEEK Cocoa Bear (picture)
MAC Brule- MUA Naked (picture)
MAC Brule- URBAN DECAY Foxy (picture)
MAC Brule - WET N' WILD Color Icon Single in Brule (picture)
MAC Brun - NARS Bali (video)
MAC Carbon - MAKEUP GEEK Corrupt (much better) (review)
MAC Carbon - MILANI Pitch Black (picture)
MAC Carbon - NYX Black (picture)
MAC Carbon - SUGARPILL Bulletproof (picture)
MAC Carbon - URBAN DECAY Blackout (picture)
MAC Carbon - WET N' WILD Panther (picture)
MAC Carbonized - LORAC Mega Pro in Granite (picture)
MAC Charming #4 - NARS Coconut Grove (picture)
MAC Charred - MAKEUP GEEK Galaxy (picture)
MAC Club - CATRICE 410 C'mon Chameleon (picture)
MAC Coppering - MILANI Flame (picture)
MAC Copperplate - CATRICE 350 Starlight Expresso (picture) (picture)
MAC Corduroy - LAURA MERCIER Truffle (Artist Palette) (picture)
MAC Cork - THE BALM Sultry (NudeTude palette) (picture)
MAC Cork - TOO FACED Milk Chocolate (Chocolate Bar Palette) (picture)
MAC Cork - URBAN DECAY Buck (Naked Palette) (picture)
MAC Cork - WET N' WILD Walking on Eggshells Palette (picture) (video)
MAC Club - WET N' WILD Definer from the Comfort Zone Palette (picture)
MAC Crystal Avalanche - WET N' WILD Sugar (picture)
MAC Deep Truth - INGLOT 428 (picture)
MAC Deep Truth - MAKEUP GEEK Nautica (picture)
MAC Dinamic Duo 1 #1 - URBAN DECAY X (picture)
MAC Divine Decadence - NARS Fez (video)
MAC Early Bird - KAT VON D Placebo (picture)
MAC Electra - WET N' WILD Night Elf Palette (picture)
MAC Electric Eel - NARS Mad Mad World #1 (picture)
MAC Electric Eel - URBAN DECAY Gonzo (picture)
MAC Espresso - SLEEK Storm Palette (picture)
MAC Espresso - URBAN DECAY Faint (Naked Basics Palette) (picture)
MAC Ever Amethist #1 - MAKEUP GEEK Twilight (picture)
MAC Expensive Pink - INGLOT Pearl 407 (picture) (picture)
MAC Expensive Pink - MAKEUP GEEK Cosmopolitan (picture) (picture)
MAC Expensive Pink - WET N' WILD Penny (picture)
MAC Exquisit Ego #2 - URBAN DECAY Half Baked (picture)
MAC Fiction - THE BALM Kawabunga (picture)
MAC Fig. 1 - WET N' WILD Lust Palette (picture)
MAC Gesso - INGLOT 318 (video)
MAC Gesso - MAKEUP GEEK White Lies (picture)
MAC Grain - NARS All About Eve #1 (picture)
MAC Great Beyond #1 - MAKEUP GEEK Twilight (picture)
MAC Haux - INGLOT 344 (picture)
MAC Haux - LORAC Mega Pro in Dusty Plum (picture)
MAC Haux - URBAN DECAY Nooner (Naked 3 Palette) (picture)
MAC Humid - INGLOT 418 Pearl (picture)
MAC Humid - INGLOT AMC Shine 44 (picture)
MAC Jade's Fortune - INGLOT 451 (picture)
MAC Jest - URBAN DECAY Sin (picture)
MAC Kid - PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA Classic Nudes Quad (video)
MAC Knight Divine - HEAN 504 (picture)
MAC Knight Divine - NYX Rock & Roll Trio (picture)
MAC Knight Divine - URBAN DECAY Gunmetal (Naked Palette) (picture)
MAC Light Study - THE BALM #24 (picture)
MAC Lorelei - NARS Nepal (picture)
MAC Marvel - INGLOT P439 (picture)
MAC Mulch - TOO FACED Hazelnut (Chocolate Bar Palette) (picture)
MAC Naked Lunch - THE BALM Dream Boat (picture)
MAC Naked Lunch - URBAN DECAY Sell Out (picture)
MAC Naked Lunch - WET N' WILD Walking on Eggshells Palette (picture) (video)
MAC Next To Nothing - URBAN DECAY Virgin (Naked Palette) (picture)
MAC Nylon - MUA 1 (picture)
MAC Nylon - NYX Rock & Roll Trio (picture)
MAC Nylon - SLEEK Storm Palette (picture) (picture)
MAC Nylon - WET N WILD - Walking on Eggshells Palette (video)
MAC Off The Page - NYX Golden Orange (picture)
MAC Omega - PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA Canyon Classics Quad (video)
MAC Omega - URBAN DECAY Naked 2 on Naked Basics Palette (picture)
MAC Outre - MAKEUP GEEK Dessert Sands (picture)
MAC Malt - PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA Quartz Quartet Quad (video)
MAC One To Watch - MAKEUP GEEK Frappe (picture)
MAC Oomph - INGLOT P414 (picture)
MAC Orb - NYX Nude (picture)
MAC Orb - URBAN DECAY Strange (Naked 3 palette) (picture)
MAC Pastelluxe #5 - MAKEUP GEEK Moondust (picture)
MAC Patina - CATRICE Oh, I'ts Toffeeful (picture) (picture)
MAC Quarry - PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA Quartz Quartet Quad (video)
MAC Quarry - URBAN DECAY Tease on Naked 2 Palette (picture)
MAC Rani - INGLOT 362 Matte (picture)
MAC Red Violet - MAKEUP GEEK Wisteria (picture)
MAC Rice Paper - NYX Highlight (picture)
MAC Rose Cloud - NARS Madrague #2 (picture)
MAC Sable - LORAC Mega Pro in Maroon (video)
MAC Sable - URBAN DECAY Liar (Naked 3 Palette) (picture)
MAC Saddle - PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA Classic Nudes Quad (video)
MAC Saffron - INGLOT DS464 (picture)
MAC Saddle - ANASTASIA Caramel (Amrezy Palette) (picture)
MAC Satin Taupe - CATRICE 400 My First Copperware Party (picture) (video)
MAC Satin Taupe - ELF Moondust (video)
MAC Satin Tape - INGLOT 402 (picture) (video)
MAC Satin Taupe - MAKEUP GEEK Prom Night (picture) (picture)
MAC Satin Taupe - NYX Iced Mocha (picture)
MAC Satin Taupe - NYX Rock & Roll Trio (picture)
MAC Satin Taupe - RUBY & MILLIE Beige 840p (picture)
MAC Satin Taupe - URBAN DECAY Mugshot (Naked 3 Palette) (picture)
MAC Satin Taupe - URBAN DECAY Stray Dog (picture)
MAC Satin Taupe - WET N' WILD Nutty (picture)
MAC She Who Dares - WET N' WILD Snow Sprite (picture)
MAC Showstopper - NARS Bali (picture)
MAC Shroom - WET N' WILD Walking on Eggshells Palette (picture)
MAC Silver Dawn - MAKEUP GEEK Moondust (picture)
MAC Sketch - ELF Amethyst (picture)
MAC Soba - MAKEUP GEEK Preppy (picture)
MAC Soft Brown - LORAC Mega Pro in Sepia (picture)
MAC Soft Brown - MAKEUP GEEK Crème Brulee (picture)
MAC Solar White - NARS Albatross (picture) (picture)
MAC Star Violet - KIKO 136 (picture)
MAC Stars n' Rockets - MILANI Shock (picture)
MAC Steamy - KIKO 111 (picture)
MAC Sumptuous Olive - CATRICEGolden Evergreen (picture)
MAC Sumptuous Olive - SLEEK Moss in Au Naturel Palette (picture)
MAC Swiss Chocolate - MAKEUP GEEK Cocoa Bear (picture)
MAC Tempting - MAKEUP GEEK Pretentious (picture)
MAC Tempting - URBAN DECAY Smog (picture)
MAC Typographic - URBAN DECAY Crave (Naked Basics Palette) (picture)
MAC Trax- WET N' WILD Petal Pusher Palette (picture) (picture)
MAC Twinks - ELF Raspberry Truffle (picture)
MAC Unusurpable - URBAN DECAY Urb (picture)
MAC Vanilla - ESSENCE Blockbuster 22 (picture)
MAC Vanilla - PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA Canyon Classics Quad (video)
MAC Vellum - WET N' WILD left Browbone Petal Pusher Palette (picture) (picture)
MAC Woodwinked - SLEEK Storm Palette (picture)
MAC Woodwinked - TOO FACED Creme Brulée (Chocolate Bar Palette) (picture)
MAKEUP FOREVER Artist Shadow ME728  - NYX Prismatic Liquid Gold (video)
MAKEUP FOREVER M618 Espresso - THE BALM Ripper (picture)
MELT Unseen (Dark Matter Stack) - NYX Dance The Tides (picture)
NARS Bad Behaviour - URBAN DECAY Gunmetal (video)
NARS California - NYX Copper (picture)
NARS China Seas #2 - MAKEUP GEEK Last Dance (picture)
NARS Coconut Grove - TOO FACED Dark Chocolate (picture)
NARS Galapagos - NYX Golden Amber (picture) (picture)
NARS Kalhari Duo - ARTDECO 14 & 16 (picture)
NARS Mekong - WET N' WILD right Definer from the Comfort Zone Palette (picture)
NARS Night Flight - NYX Frosted Ocean (picture)
NARS Night Porter - NYX Exotic Green (picture)
NARS Pandora - URBAN DECAY Blackout (video)
NARS Strada - WET N WILD Kitten (picture)
STILA Catalyst - LORAC Mega Pro in Indigo (picture)
TOO FACED After Hours - LORAC Mega Pro in Smokey Topaz (picture)
TOO FACED Nice Steems - WET N' WILD right eyelid from the Comfort Zone (picture)
URBAN DECAY Bobby Dazzle - LORAC Mega Pro in Vanilla (picture)
URBAN DECAY Blackout - NARS Pandora (video)
URBAN DECAY Blackout - THE BALM Serious (NudeTude palette) (picture)
URBAN DECAY Black Heart - WET N WILD right Crease from the Petal Pusher (picture)
URBAN DECAY Buck - THE BALM Sultry (NudeTude palette) (picture)
URBAN DECAY Buck - WET N' WILD left Crease from the Nude Awakening Palette (picture) (picture)
URBAN DECAY Cherry - WET N' WILD left Browbone from Petal Pusher (picture)
URBAN DECAY Chopper - WET N' WILD Eyelid from Dancing In The Clouds (picture)
URBAN DECAY Chopper - WET N' WILD left Eyelid from Comfort Zone (picture)
URBAN DECAY Cosmic - COLOURPOP Tassel (picture)
URBAN DECAY Creep - WET N' WILD right Definer from the Nude Awakening Palette (picture(picture)
URBAN DECAY Darkhorse - THE BALM Sophisticated (NudeTude palette) (picture)
URBAN DECAY Deep End - WET N' WILD Blue Had Me A Hello Palette (picture)
URBAN DECAY Dust - LORAC Champagne (Lorac Pro palette) (picture)
URBAN DECAY Evidence - WET N' WILD Blue Had Me A Hello Palette (picture)
URBAN DECAY Flash - WET N' WILD Crease from Dancing In The Clouds (picture)
URBAN DECAY Foxy - WET N' WILD left Browbone from the Nude Awakening Palette (video(picture)
URBAN DECAY Foxy - MUA Naked (picture)
URBAN DECAY Gunmetal - WET N' WILD right Crease from the Nude Awakening Palette (picture(picture)
URBAN DECAY Half Baked - MUA Devotion (picture)
URBAN DECAY Half Baked - SLEEK Sunset #10 (picture)
URBAN DECAY Heavy Metal Glitter - WET N WILD Groupie (picture)
URBAN DECAY Hustle - WET N' WILD right Eyelid from the Nude Awakening Palette (video(picture)
URBAN DECAY Loaded - LORAC Mega Pro in Deep Teal (picture)
URBAN DECAY Maui Wowie - WET N' WILD Browbone from Dancing In The Clouds (picture)
URBAN DECAY Mugshot (Naked 3 Palette) - CATRICE 400 My First Copperware Party (post)
URBAN DECAY Noise - WET N' WILD Spoiled Brat trio (picture)
URBAN DECAY Oil Slick - WET N' WILD Greed Palette (picture)
URBAN DECAY Radium - WET N' WILD Lagoon (picture)
URBAN DECAY Shattered - MILANI Bella Eyes (picture)
URBAN DECAY Smog - THE BALM Seductive (NudeTude palette) (picture)
URBAN DECAY Smog - WET N' WILD left Crease from the Comfort Zone Palette (picture(picture)


MAC Pearglide Intense Eyeliner Undercurrent - ZOEVA Graphic Eyes Good Karma (picture)
MAC Teddy - ESSENCE 08 Teddy (picture)


L’Oreal HIP Gold Charge - Milani Gold (picture)
MAC Black Track Fluidline - ESSENCE 01 Midnight in Paris Gel Eyeliner

Stila Koi - Milani Gold (picture)


MAC Cornflower - KIKO 08 (picture)
MAC Bell-Bottom Blue - MILANI Dust 08 Misty Blue (picture)
MAC Blue Brown - MAKEUP GEEK Insomnia (picture)
MAC Deep Blue Green - ESSENCE Black Sparrow (picture)
MAC Golden Olive - MAKEUP GEEK Jester (picture)
MAC Grape - KIKO 06 (picture)
MAC Kitschmas - ESSENCE Cotton Candy (picture)
MAC Naked - MAKEUP GEEK Sweet Dreams (picture)
MAC Rushmetal - ESSENCE Cop & Copper (picture)
MAC Soft Washed - NYX Charcoal Pearl (picture)
MAC Violet - ESSENCE Blueberry Muffin (picture)


BOBBI BROWN Cranberry 30 - SLEEK Fenberry (picture)
CHANEL nº70 - PHYSICIANS FORMULA Pink Happy Booster (video)
DIOR Strawberry Sorber - PHYSICIANS FORMULA Blushing Rose Multicolor Blush (video)
ILLAMASQUA Lover - SLEEK Pan Tao (picture)
MAC Breezy - NYX Mocha (picture)
MAC Cheeky Bugger - NYX Mauve (picture)
MAC Dollymix - WET N' WILD Heather Silk (video)
MAC Emote - INGLOT M357 (picture)
MAC Frankly Scarlet - NYX Red (picture)
MAC Lady Blush - NYX CB02 Natural (picture)
MAC Peaches - SLEEK Suede (picture)
MAC Rosy Outlook - MAKEUP GEEK Spellbound (video)
NARS Deep Throat - WET N' WILD Pearlescent Pink (picture)
NARS Exhibit A - SLEEK Bonfire (Blush By 3, In Flame) (picture)
NARS Exhibit A - SLEEK Scandalous (picture)
NARS Gaiety - MILANI Delizioso Pink (picture)
NARS Gilda - SLEEK Furnace (Blush By 3, In Flame) (picture)
NARS Orgasm - MILANI Luminous (picture)
NARS Orgasm - NYX Pinched (picture)
NARS Orgasm - KIKO 103 (picture)
NARS Taj Mahal - NYX Golden Orange (Eyeshadow) (picture)
SLEEK Flushed - SLEEK Demerara (Sugar Trio) (picture)
SLEEK Lantern - SLEEK Furnance (Flame Trio) (picture)
SLEEK Pan Tao - SLEEK Chantilly (Lace Trio) (picture)
SLEEK Sunrise - SLEEK Muscovado (Sugar Trio) (picture)
SURRAT Parfait - NYX HD Pink The Town (video)
TARTE Blushing Bride - JORDANA Blushing Rose (video)
TARTE Dollface - NYX Peach (video)
TARTE Exposed - NYX Dusty Rose (video)
TARTE Exposed - ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Habanera (video)
TARTE Glisten - NYX Pinched (video)
THE BALM Hot Mamma - SLEEK Rose Gold (picture)


ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Starlight - COLOURPOP Lunch Monery (picture)
BENEFIT High Beam - MEMEME Beat The Blues (picture)
DIOR Amber Diamond - PHYSICIANS FORMULA Vegas Strip (picture)
ESTÉE LAUDER Heat Wave - WET N' WILD Hollywood Boulevard (picture)
JORGE DE LA GARZA 90 Light Diffusing - THE BALM Mary Lou Manizer (picture)
MAC Global Glow - PHYSICIANS FORMULA Waikiki Strip (video)
MAC Soft and Gentle - ELF Blush Gems (video)
MAC Soft and Gentle - WET N' WILD Fergie  Rose Champagne Glow (picture
MAC Whisper Of Gilt - KIKO Longlasting Wet&Dry 208 (picture(picture)
MAC Flat Out Fabulous - WET N' WILD Hollywood Boulevard (picture)
NARS Albatross - ELF Gotta Glow (picture)
NARS Albatross - NYX Ritualistic (picture)
NARS Albatross - NYX Vanilla Sky (picture)
NARS Orgasm - NYX Born To Glow (picture)


ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS American Doll - COLOURPOP Creeper (picture)
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Heathers - COLOURPOP Avenue (video(picture)
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Lovely - NYX Istambul (picture(video)
* ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Rio - 100% PURE Sorbetto (picture)
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Veronica - KAT VON D Lolita (3) (picture)
BITE BEAUTY Violet - MILANI Violet Addict (video)
BURBERRY Military Red - MAKEUP REVOLUTION Atomic Ruby (picture)
BUXOM Dolly - URBAN DECAY Strip (picture)
BUXOM Dolly - NARS Tolede (picture)
CHANEL Arthur - URBAN DECAY Sheer Slowburn (picture)
CHANEL La Precieuse 317 - KAT VON D Hellbent (picture)
CHANEL La Precieuse 317 - TOO FACED Melted Ruby (picture)
CHANEL Rouge Coco 5 Mademoiselle - KIKO 286 Rosa Fragola (picture)
DOSE OF COLORS Stone - COLOURPOP Tootsi (picture)
GERARD COSMETICS Serenity - LIMECRIME Bleached (picture)
JEFREE STAR Blue Velvet - COLOURPOP Jellies (video)
JEFREE STAR Celebrity Skin - COLOURPOP Midi (video)
JEFREE STAR Prom Night - COLOURPOP Highball (video)
JEFREE STAR Redrum - COLOURPOP Creeper (video)
JEFREE STAR Jaw-Breaker - COLOURPOP Mr. Blonde (video)
JEFREE STAR Unicorn Blood - COLOURPOP Lax (video)
KAT VON D Bauhau5 - SLEEK Fandango Purple (picture)
KAT VON D Berlin - NYX Ibiza (picture)
KAT VON D Damned - LA SPLASH Raven Claw (picture)
KAT VON D Double Dare - COLOURPOP Bumble (picture)
KAT VON D Exorcism - NYX Bewitching (picture)
KAT VON D Lolita (3) - ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Veronica (picture)
KAT VON D Lolita  - ESSENCE Soft Berry Lip Liner (picture)
KAT VON D Lolita - NYX Cannes SMLC (picture)
KAT VON D Luv - COLOURPOP Lychee (picture)
KAT VON D Requiem - NYX Power (picture)
KAT VON D Santa Sangre - MAKEUP REVOLUTION Keep Trying For You (picture)
KAT VON D Susperia - MAKEUP REVOLUTION Keep Lying (picture)
KYLIE LIP KIT Candy K lip liner - NYX Natural lip liner (video)
KYLIE LIP KIT Candy K lipstick - COLOURPOP Beeper (video)
* KYLIE LIP KIT Leo - COLOURPOP Prim (picture)
* KYLIE LIP KIT Leo - COLOURPOP Prim (picture)
LIMECRIME Airborn Unicorn - NYX Violet (picture(video)
LIMECRIME Cashmere - AROMI Desert Taupe (picture)
LIMECRIME Cashmere - COLOUPOP Trap (picture)
LIMECRIME Cashmere - STARLOOKS Bare (picture)
LIMECRIME Cement - JD GLOW Unity (picture)
LIMECRIME Centrifuchsia - WET N WILD Cherry Picking (picture)
LIMECRIME Coquette -COLOURPOP Cookie (video)
LIMECRIME Rave - COLOURPOP Koala (picture)
LIMECRIME Riot - COLOUPOP Bumble (picture) (picture)
LIMECRIME Jinx - JD GLOW Oh Shit! (picture)
LIMECRIME Salem - COLOURPOP Limbo (picture)
LIMECRIME Serpentina - COLOURPOP Bunny (picture)
LIMECRIME Squash - JD GLOW That's Bae (picture)
LIMECRIME Suedeberry -COLOURPOP Yasmin (video)
LIMECRIME Wicked - COLOUPOP Avenue (picture(picture)
MAC Angel - ELF Classy
MAC Antique Velvet - MELT COSMETICS Catsuit (picture)
MAC Bad Gal RiRi - WET N' WILD Timeless Chick (picture)
MAC Blankety - WET N' WILD (Fergie) Daily (picture(video)
MAC Brave - NYX Whipped Caviar (picture)
MAC Brave Red - MUA Shade 13 (video)
MAC Candy Yum Yum - BARRY M M62 (picture)
MAC Candy Yum Yum - DELIPLUS Dolce Vita! 04 (picture)
MAC Candy Yum Yum - NYX Black Label Hot Pink (picture)
MAC Candy Yum Yum - NYX Shocking Pink (picture)
MAC Candy Yum Yum - OCC Nylon (picture)
MAC Candy Yum Yum - SLEEK Amped (picture)
MAC Chatterbox - MILANI Fruit Punch (picture) (picture)
MAC Chestnut - COLOURPOP Pitch (picture)
MAC Chestnut - NYX Dirty Talk (picture)
MAC Creme D' Nude - NYX Mirage (picture)
MAC Creme In Your Coffee - MILANI 25 Naturally Chic (video)
MAC Crosswires - ESSENCE Coral Calling (picture)
MAC Crosswires - NYX Berry (video)
MAC Cyber - NYX Bruised (picture)
MAC Cyber - NYX Dahlia (video)
MAC Cyber - WET N' WILD Vamp It Up (picture)
MAC Dangerous - NYX Indie Flick (picture)
MAC Dangerous - WET N' WILD (Fergie) Turnt Up (picture)
MAC Deeply Adored - SLEEK Cherry (picture)
MAC Del Rio - WET N WILD Spiked With Rum (picture)
MAC Diva - MUA It's A Situation (picture)
MAC Diva - SLEEK Cranberry (picture(picture)
MAC Diva - WET N' WILD Cherry Bomb (picture) (picture)
MAC Diva - WET N' WILD Cinnamon (picture)
MAC Dubonnet - NYX Snow White (picture)
MAC Embrace Me - NYX Addis Abada (picture)
MAC Faux - NYX Flutter Kiss (picture)
MAC Faux - NYX Thalia (picture)
MAC Film Noir - JORDANA Brownie (picture)
MAC Film Noir - MELT COSMETICS Catsuit (picture)
MAC Flamingo - CHEN YU 109 Rouge Divine (review)
MAC Flat Out Fabulous - COLOURPOP Heart On (picture)
MAC Flat Out Fabulous - JORDANA Matte It Girl (picture)
MAC Good To Go (Pro Longwear Lipcreme) - MILANI Sweet Nectar (picture)
MAC Grey Friday - NYX Cold Hearted (picture)
MAC Gunner - NYX Betrayal (picture)
MAC Hang Up - NYX Wine & Dine (picture)
MAC Happy-Go-Lucky - NYX Privileged (video)
MAC Happy-Go-Lucky - NYX Razzle (picture)
MAC Hautecore - COLOURPOP Bullchic (picture)
MAC Heroine - COLOURPOP Grind (picture)
MAC Heroine - H&M Landinski (picture)
MAC Honeylove -LIMECRIME Coquette (video)
MAC Honeylove - WET N' WILD Bare It All (video)
MAC Honeylove - WET N' WILD Fergie Daily (video)
MAC Hue - OCC Hush (picture)
MAC Impassioned - CATRICE Kiss Kiss Hibikiss (picture)
MAC Impassioned - MILANI Flamingo Pose (picture) (picture)
MAC Impassioned - SLEEK Candy Cane (picture)
MAC Japanese Maple - NYX Mirage (picture)
MAC Julia Petit-Açai - WET N' WILD Fergie Ferguson Crest Cabernet (picture)
MAC Kinda Sexy - NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm (picture)
MAC Kinda Sexy - WET N' WILD Bare It All (picture(video)
MAC Lady Danger - COLOURPOP Chi-Chi (picture)
MAC Lady Danger - MILANI Passion (picture)
MAC Lady Danger - NYX Indie Flick (picture)
MAC Lady Danger - SLEEK O.M.G.! (picture)
MAC Lady Danger - WET N' WILD (Fergie) Turnt Up (picture)
MAC Lavender Jade - COLOURPOP Brills (picture)
MAC Media - WET N' WILD Cherry Bomb (picture)
MAC Mehr - COLOURPOP Lumiére (picture)
MAC Men Love Mistery - COLOURPOP Fern (picture)
MAC Mocha - COLOURPOP Pinch (picture)
MAC Morange - MILANI Sweet Nectar (video)
MAC Morange - WET N' WILD Purty Persimon (picture)
MAC Mystical - TARTE Tulip (picture)
MAC Myth - ELF Natural Nymph (video)
MAC Myth - NYX Mirage (video) (video)
MAC Naturally Transformed - COLOURPOP Polliwog (picture)
MAC Opera - BITE BEAUTY Fraise (picture)
MAC Party Parrot - MILANI Flamingo Pose (picture)
MAC Party Parrot - SLEEK Heartbreaker (picture)
MAC Patisserie - JORDANA 47 Nude (video)
MAC Please Me - JORDANA Matte Bear (video)
MAC Please Me - MUA Rose (video)
MAC Pleasure Bomb - WET N' WILD Cherry Picking (picture) (picture)
MAC Rebel - JORDANA Matte Dare (picture)
MAC Rebel - MILANI Sangria (picture(video)
MAC Rebel - SLEEK Smother (picture)
MAC Rebel - WET N' WILD 908C Sugar Plum Fairy (picture) (picture) (picture(video)
MAC Red - COLOURPOP Bossy (picture)
MAC Red - LA GIRL Soulmate (picture)
MAC Red Racer - JORDANA Hot Kiss (picture)
MAC Rentlessly Red - COLOURPOP Toucan (picture)
MAC Retro - WET N WILD Spiked With Rum (picture)
MAC Romantic Breakdown - NYX Mirage (picture)
MAC Roxo - NYX Chic Red (picture)
MAC Ruby Woo - WET N' WILD Spotlight Red (picture) (video(video)
MAC Russian Red - KAT VON Hellbent (picture)
MAC Russian Red - MAKEUP GEEK Elegant (review) (picture)
MAC Russian Red - MILANI Best Red (video)
MAC Saint Germain - LIMECRIME Great Pink Planet (picture)
MAC Show Orchid - WET N' WILD 521A (video)
MAC Shy Girl - NYX Pumpkin Pie (picture)
MAC Sin - WET N' WILD Cherry Bomb (picture(video)
MAC Siss - COLOURPOP Polliwog (picture)
MAC Speed Dial - NYX Milan Lip Cream (picture)
MAC Spirit - ELF Praline (picture)
MAC Tenoir Voice - NYX Perfect Red (picture)
MAC Toxic Tale - NYX Femme (picture)
MAC Twig - MILANI Rose Femme (picture)
MAC Up The Amp - COLOURPOP Fern (picture)
MAC Vegas Volt - OCC Grandma (picture)
MAC Velvet Teddy- WET N' WILD Bare It All (picture)
MAC Velvet Teddy - WET N' WILD Debot Love (picture)
MAC Verve - KIKO 610 Rosy Brown (video)
MAC Verve - WET N WILD Mocha-licious (picture)
MAC Viva Glam I - NYX Alabama (picture(video)
MAC Viva Glam II - MILANI Naked (picture)
MAC Viva Glam III - COLOURPOP Lady (picture)
MAC Viva Glam Nicki - NYX Power (video)
MAC Viva Glam Nicki - WET N' WILD Pinkerbell (picture)
MAC Viva Glam Rihanna - COLOURPOP Wet (picture)
MELT Dark Room - JORDANA Eggplant (picture)
MELT Sext - COLOURPOP Addict (picture)
NARS Anita - NYX Pops (picture)
NARS Anna - COLOURPOP Lumière (picture)
STILLA Amore - COLOURPOP Tulle (picture)
STILA Bella - COLOURPOP Highball (picture)
TOM Ford Pussy Cat - COLOURPOP Lumiere (picture)
TOO FACED Melted Peony - JORDANA Matte Tease (video)
TOO FACED Melted Peony - WET N' WILD Dark Pink Frost (picture)
TOO FACED Melted Violet - MAKEUP REVOLUTION Shockwave (picture)
URBAN DECAY Gash - COLOURPOP Bichette (picture)
URBAN DECAY Venom - WET N' WILD Fergie Ferguson Crest Cabernet (video)
* 100% PURE Sorbetto - ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Rio (picture)


MAC Soar - COLOURPOP Brink (picture)
MAC Stone - COLOURPOP Wet (picture)
MAC Whirl - COLOURPOP COSMETICS Bond (picture)
MAC Whirl - NYX Mauve (picture)
MAKEUP FOREVER Line Perfector - MILANI Anti Feathering Lip Liner (video)


MAC Snob - ELF Ballet Slippers (picture)
MAC Bare Necessity Dazzleglas - MILANI 3D Glitzy Glamour Lipgloss in Designer Label(picture)
MAC Creme D'Nude - NYX High Voltage Mirage (picture)
MAC Ruby Woo - NYX Cherry Pie Buttergloss (picture)
MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipglass - NYX Peaches and Cream Buttergloss (video)


OCC Anime - SLEEK Pinkini (picture)
OCC Pageant - SLEEK Rosette (picture)
OCC Technopagan - NYX Immortal (video)


ILLAMASQUA Neutral Palette - SLEEK Au Naturel (picture)
LORAC Pro - MAKEUP REVOLUTION Iconic Pro (picture(video
LORAC Pro 2 - MAKEUP REVOLUTION Iconic Pro 2 (picture(video
TOO FACED Chocolate Bar - MAKEUP REVOLUTION I Heart Chocolate (picture)
URBAN DECAY Summer Of Love - WET N' WILD Dancing In The Clouds (picture)
URBAN DECAY Naked - MUA Undressed (picture)
URBAN DECAY Naked - WET N' WILD Nude Awakening (picture)
URBAN DECAY Naked 2 - MUA Undress Me Too (picture)
URBAN DECAY Naked Basics - MUA Ever After Matte Palette (picture)


DEBORAH LIPPMANN Happy Birthday - MILANI Gems (picture)
DEBORAH LIPPMANN Ruby Red Slippers - WET N' WILD Behind Closed Doors (picture)
CHANEL Jade - MILANI Dress Maker (picture)
CHANEL 531 Péridot - CATRICE 840 Genious In The Bottle (picture)
ESSIE Mint Candy Apple - ESSENCE The Gel Nail Polish 05 (video)
ESSIE Watermelon - KIKO 361 (video)
OPI Catch Me In Your Net - ESSENCE Choose Me! (picture)
OPI Rally Pretty Pink - ZOYA Faye (picture)
ZOYA Valerie - WET N' WILD Ferguson Crest Syrah (picture)


MAC 217 - COASTAL SCENTS Pro Blending Fluff (video)
MAC 217 - SIGMA E25 (video)


ANASTASIA Dark Brown Brow Wiz - NYX Espresso (picture)
ANASTASIA Eye Lights Matte Crayon - NYX Push Up Bra for Eyebrows (video)
BOBBI BROWN Brightening Finishing Powder - NYX Radiant Finishing Powder (video)
DIOR Lash Primer - ELF Mascara Primer (video)
MAKEUP FOREVER HD Powder - CATRICE Nude Illusion Powder (video)

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  1. Está genial, me pasaré a ver la lista muy a menudo!
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  2. Por desgracia sí, Ainhoa :(. Benefit está presente en el mercado chino :(.

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  4. Madre mía que curro de post, me lo guardo

  5. yo he visto nuevos dupes en los labiales:

    - Twig = Maybelline Creamy Matte en "Touch of Spice"
    - Flat Out Fabulous = NYX Matte Lipstick en Sweet Pink


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